SHUVT.wav is a page on our site created to showcase a variety of audio orientated things including; Guest DJ mixes, Curated Playlists & Track Showcases.

We are aiming to run our guest DJ mixes at least once a month and our curated Tapes 00x playlists are regularly updated by the SHUVT team. You can find both below with the most recent mix at the top and the current curated playlist at the bottom of the page.

Turn up the volume, and explore some of the tunes and mixes that inspire the SHUVT brand on the daily.

SHUVT Mixtape 002

Our 2nd mix is brought to us by no other than the North East England based Matt Timms! He’s delivering an unreal 1 hour 45 mix of truly Euphoric house vibes with a deep and tribal influenced selection rarely heard.

Matt has been mixing since the early 90s everywhere from Pirate Radio & later becoming a key resident in the north east of England with Apparition collective regularly delivering fresh new sounds to the seaside town of Cleethorpes & beyond.

SHUVT Mixtape 001

The first 2020 SHUVT Mixtape being provided by the North East England based Sam Burley better known under Jus-B.

Coming of from a 2019 summer and autumn season playing for the Cleethorpes based Apparition collective showing of his varied grooving selections all the way into 2020 as a regular at K:UP he’s blessed us with a mellow building mix of house and techno to start our SHUVT Sounds chapter of the brand.

SHUVT Tapes 001

A curated playlist by the team of some of their favourite tracks new and old from the whole spectrum of electronic music. Minimal, synth filled house tracks, hard hitting techno anthems and down right weird experimental breaks. This playlist has a bit of everything for everyone, so dive into the playlist full of the tunes that inspire SHUVT on the daily.