“GARRY” Collectable Pin #1


  • “GARRY”
  • “Eye of Evil”
  • Collectable #001


“Garry” has been our logo and mascot since the overhaul of the brand back in late 2018.

It’s a logo and mascot we came up with looking at all the things that make rave culture and underground music so interesting and alluring. A visual representation of the craving of identity, and feelings of transcendence and no worries we find at raves and festivals.

We are aiming to release exclusive collectable pins of our “Garry” mascot a few times a year (the individual variations of it will never be restocked) each with their own unique small identity added.

To kick things off, we have the “See No Evil” “Garry” who’s addition of a blue eye is derived from the ‘Eye of Evil’. It is often believed that having an “evil eye talisman” would send the gaze of evil back to whom cast it and became a common talisman to carry in many cultures around the world.


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