Introducing KNG’s Debut EP ‘Bless Up’: A Perfect Blend of Old-School House and Modern Deep Tech

Meet KNG, an up-and-coming DJ and producer from East England, who’s just released his first EP, ‘Bless Up’, under the respected SHUVT Resonance label. This EP features three tracks that demonstrate KNG’s ability to artfully blend the iconic sounds of 90s house with the fresh vibes of modern deep tech.

๐ŸŽง The ‘Bless Up’ EP Breakdown: A Journey Through Time and Sound

The ‘Bless Up’ EP brings together three cool tracks, each showing off KNG’s awesome style, which effortlessly blends classic house vibes with fresh minimal and deep tech elements. The title track is a fun tune with a catchy beat and a groovy bassline that will grab the attention of minimal and deep tech fans. The second track charms with its dreamy chords and immersive soundscapes, giving a new listening experience for deep tech lovers. Finally, the third track offers an enjoyable reinterpretation of the title track, with chill synths and a hypnotic rhythm that will connect with minimal and deep tech enthusiasts.

๐ŸŒŸ KNG’s Story and Inspirations: A Fresh Talent in the World of House and Deep Tech

KNG is a humble and passionate emerging DJ and producer from East England, who deeply appreciates early 90s house music. This appreciation is evident in his production style, as he skilfully combines nostalgic sounds with modern techniques to create a revitalized and unique listening experience. Although new to the scene, KNG is quickly making waves with his distinct style and undeniable talent.

๐ŸŽต Show Your Support for the ‘Bless Up’ EP: A Must-Listen for House and Deep Tech Fans

To support KNG’s debut EP ‘Bless Up’, head over to www.resonance.shuvt.com/shvt015, where you can listen to the tracks and purchase the release if it vibes with your love for house and deep tech music.

๐Ÿš€ In Summary: Discover KNG’s Fresh Sound and Get Ready to Be Mesmerized

KNG’s debut EP ‘Bless Up’ offers a delightful blend of nostalgic 90s house and contemporary deep tech sounds, making it a great find for fans of these genres. As a rising talent in the music world, KNG is steadily making a name for himself as a skilful producer with a distinguished sound. Don’t miss the chance to check out this up-and-coming artist’s debut EP โ€“ ‘Bless Up’ is a musical journey that’s definitely worth exploring.

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