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About The Brand

SHUVT is a brand designed from the ground up to express a feeling of euphoria, togetherness, and joy that you feel when you’re at interesting places, with the people you like, listening to the music you love. We aim to visualise that surreal weird, but good feeling in our vibrant designs and collections. Techno clothing for the people, designed by the people.

“The Rave Identity.”

The mask icon is our visual representation of what we defined as the ‘Rave Identity’. A feeling of escapism, surrealism and general weirdness that we can find at raves & festivals. All of this leads into the rise of rave culture from past to modern times and how it serves as the perfect temporary escapism for people who can be who they want for a night and forget all worries of a modern, stressful world.

“Rave Days.”

Taking inspirations from the rise of the UK rave scene in the late 1980s to early 2000s we have created a collection showing the impact house & techno had on the UK youth and the government crackdown that followed. Exploring key events such as the Castle Morton rave, the Public order act of 1994 and Second Summer of Love. The techno clothing that we have created for ‘Rave Days’ looks at all of the above in a vibrant, wavey style.

We aim to be a transparent brand so we always post updates, the latest images and product teasers over on our Instagram. To hear about the latest big news you can also opt in to our E-mail list below to be the first to know about new releases and discounts!