SHUVT is a brand designed from the ground up to express a feeling of euphoria, togetherness and joy that you feel when you’re at interesting places, with the people you like, listening to the music you love. Kind of visualising that surreal weird, but good feeling that comes from everything mentioned.

“The rave scene is in something of a renaissance where the days of 90s raves are making a return both in music direction, social attitudes, and visual style across both the events and clothing.”

All those things come together in a modern brand ‘SHUVT’ that keep those values at heart and build upon them drawing influence from the scenes and events past and present.


The environment is important to us. One of the reasons SHUVT was created was to be a well designed alternative to fast fashion brands so a big part of our brand is about ensuring we don’t have a negative environmental impact like loads of fast-fashion brands.